GoldStar / LG Electronics CD-i players

On this page, you will find a complete overview of all CD-i players sold by GoldStar / LG Electronics.

GDI 700
GDI 750 / GDI 1000
GPI 1100
GPI 1200

LG GDI 700
The GDI 700 was especially intented for institutional/commercial situations. It was equipped with 32 KB of NV-RAM and a serial port allowing up to 38.4Kbps connections for fast modem communications. The player, which had integrated MPEG capability, was based on the Motorola 68340 Integrated Processor with DMA.

GoldStar GDI 750 / GDI 1000
The GDI 750 (also known as GDI 1000) was based upon Philips' CDI 450 player, with a slightly modified cover lid. It was targeted as a low-cost consumer model. The player was based on the 68070 CPU, like all Philips-build players. It could be equiped with an optional Digital Video cartridge.

GoldStar GPI 1100
The GPI 1100 was basically a GPI 1200 without an LCD screen. It turned out that the small design of the portable player was ideally suitable for in-store and kiosk applications, where there was no need for the LCD screen. This 68340-based player had integrated MPEG decoding.

GoldStar GPI 1200
GoldStar's GPI 1200 was based on the Motorola 68340 Integrated Processor with DMA and incorporated MPEG capability by default, resulting in a far smaller unit than Philips' initial portable CD-i players with their Digital Video docking stations. Hence, Philips released this very same player as the CDI 370.
(Photos: LG Electronics Inc. and Fabrizio Pedrazzini)

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