GoldStar / LG Electronics CD-i players

On this page, you will find a complete overview of all CD-i players sold by GoldStar / LG Electronics.

GDI 700
GDI 750 / GDI 1000
GPI 1100
GPI 1200

LG GDI 700
The GDI 700 was especially intented for institutional/commercial situations. It was equiped with 32 KB of NV-RAM and a serial port allowing up to 38.4Kbps connections for fast modem communications. The player, which had integrated MPEG capability, was based on the Motorola 68341 Integrated CD-i Engine.

GoldStar GDI 750 / GDI 1000
The GDI 750 (also known as GDI 1000) was based upon Philips' CDI 450 player, with a slightly modified cover lid. It was targeted as a low-cost consumer model. The player was based on the 68070 CPU, like all Philips-build players. It could be equiped with an optional Digital Video cartridge.

GoldStar GPI 1100
The GPI 1100 was basically a GPI 1200 without an LCD screen. It turned out that the small design of the portable player was ideally suitable for in-store and kiosk applications, where there was no need for the LCD screen. This 68341-based player had integrated MPEG decoding.

GoldStar GPI 1200
GoldStar's GPI 1200 was based on the 68341 Integrated CD-i Engine and incorporated MPEG capability by default, resulting in a far smaller unit than Philips' initial portable CD-i players with their Digital Video docking stations. Hence, Philips released this very same player as the CDI 370.
(Photos: LG Electronics Inc. and Fabrizio Pedrazzini)

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