Philips consumer CD-i players

On this page, you will find a complete overview of all consumer CD-i players produced by Philips that were sold under the Philips brand name.

Please refer to the Comparison table of all Philips and Philips-build consumer CD-i players for an overview of differences between versions of a single player.

CDI 205
CDI 210
CDI 220
CDI 450
CDI 470
CDI 490
CDI 740
CDI 910

Philips CDI 205
The CDI 205 was the European version of the CDI 910, which was the first consumer CD-i player ever. The CDI 205 was offically only sold in the UK during the European lauch of the system in 1992, and never hit the European mainland.

Philips CDI 210
The CDI 210 was a stripped down version of the CDI 220, lacking the chique opening door in front of the tray. Also, its FTD-display was slightly less sophisticated. Several versions of the CDI 210 have been produced, differences are indicated in the comparison table.

Philips CDI 220
The CDI 220 was positioned as a device in Philips' high-end range of Matchline products. It featured a neat door which covered the CD-drawer. Please note the different versions in the comparison table.

Philips CDI 450
The CDI 450 was introduced to compete with similary designed and equaly priced video game systems. The system had no drawer, no IR eye, and no FTD display. This low-cost player was based on an entirely new designed and very highly integrated PCB called Roboco. Sold in the US under the Magnavox brand.

Philips CDI 470
The CDI 470 was a mini component style CD-i player that neatly fitted in excisting 26 cm hifi systems. It consisted of all features offered by higher end CD-i players, although it was positioned in the 400-range as a low-cost device. Available with more NV-RAM and integrated Digital Video as CDI 490.

Philips CDI 490
The CDI 490 was a slighly more advanced version of the CDI 470. Targeted mainly at institutional and other professional areas, where more storage space was needed, this player featured 32 KB of NV-RAM. Furthermore, it included Digital Video by default.

Philips CDI 740
The most advanced consumer CD-i player ever made. Featured an RS232-port alongside with two seperate ports for input devices. Had extensive controls for playing of CD-Audio at the front of the player. Incorporated Digital Video. Only available in a very limited edition.

Philips CDI 910
The CDI 910 was the first consumer CD-i player that was released onto the American market. The player was sold in the UK as CDI 205.

Philips FW380i
The FW380i was a hifi mini system which incorporated, alongside the integrated CD-i player, an AM/FM tuner, a double compact cassette deck and a clock with alarm. The player's IR eye was not suitable for IR CD-i pointing devices, a wired controller was bundled.

Philips 21TCDI30
TV-set with integrated CD-i player. Neatly covered behind a door above the screen hide the CD-drawer and some direct control keys for Audio- and Video-CDs. Mainly targeted at professional and institutional areas. Digital Video is integrated.

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