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On this page, you will find several releases of the MediaMogul CD-i authoring package in Disc Image format. All files include a cue-sheet that can be used in conjuction with CDRWin. Due to the large size of these files, we recommend you to use a download manager that allows for the resuming of broken download sessions.

Note that these MediaMogul CDs can only be used on CD-i development systems like the CDI 180/ 181/182, the CDI 605 and the I2M MediaAuthor card for PC and Macintosh. It will not run on any other consumer or professional CD-i player! More information about MediaMogul can be found in the PMpro support site archive.

Furthermore, there's an archive containing all of the released MediaMogul plugins.

  • MediaMogul 2.0

  • Released January 1994
    This is the latest version of MediaMogul that can also be used on the older CDI 180/181/182 systems.
    Download (32.2 MB)

  • MediaMogul 2.1

  • Released August 1994
    Version 2.1 is the latest version that is backwards compatible with scripts generated in previous versions of MediaMogul.
    Download (31.8 MB)

  • MediaMogul 2.2.1

  • Released January 1996
    Complete redesign to make the versions of MediaMogul for the various platforms consistent. This version is not backwards compatible with scripts generated in previous versions and with plugins designed for previous versions of MediaMogul. Optimized for usage with the I2M MediaAuthor card. This is the latest released version of MediaMogul.
    Download (170 MB!)

  • MediaMogul Plugins

  • This archive contains all of the 47 MediaMogul plugins that have been released by OptImage and Interactive Resources over the years.
    Download (326 KB)

    All software: © Copyright 1990-1996 Philips Media, OptImage Interactive Services Company LP, Microware Systems Corp. and Interactive Resources, Inc. All rights reserved.
    This software is only provided as an archive for eductional purposes. Not intented for commercial usage.

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