Comparison table of all Philips portable CD-i players

All CD-i players are similar in terms of audiovisual features and processor performance. There are only minor differences between the various models which are indicated for all Philips portable players in this table.

Please refer to the bottom of this page for a description of used terms and abbreviations in this overview. There is also some info about Philips' version indication method.

Philips portable CD-i players

Version Shell IR NV-RAM DVC Display Video In Build by
CDI 310/00 1st RC5/6 8 KB 9141+9142 - RGB Marantz
CDI 350/00 1st RC5/6 8 KB 9141+9142 740 x 240 RGB Marantz
CDI 360/00 1st RC5/6 8 KB 9141+9142 756 x 556 RGB Marantz
CDI 370/00 2nd RC6 32 KB integrated 720 x 234 CVBS LG Electronics

Terms and abreviations

Indicates the revision of the CD-i player shell that is used in a player. Basically, their were two major different versions, each of which also had slightly different versions. The latter ones are not indicated. The 1st generation player shell was officially designed for the professional CDI 60x players, but it was used in the first generation of consumer players as well. The 2nd generation player shell is a bit more colorfull, and contains some animations.

Indicates which Infra Red devices can be used with the player. RC5 (to be more specific: Enhanced RC5) is used by the early Thumbstick controller. RC6, which allowes for pressure differences resulting in various speeds of the cursor movement, is used in the CD-i Commander.

Indicates which Digital Video cartridge can be installed in the player. 9141 refers to the 22ER9141 cartridge, which provides its video signal in an analogue way into the player. To place the cartridge in the CDI 310, 350 and 360 players, a docking station 22ER9142 to be connected to the player first. Refer to
Digital Video cartidges overview.

Indicates the hardware resolution of the LCD display on portable CD-i systems.

Video In
Indicates which type of video signal (either composite CVBS or RGB) a portable CD-i system accepts to be displayed on its LCD display.

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