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MPEG1 Requirements
 VCD 1.1VCD2.0CD-iMediaMogul

Picture Size:

NTSC 352 x 240/29.97Hz ,30Hz (or 23.976Hz film)1
PAL 352 x 288/25Hz (or 24Hz film)1
Stills MPEG stills should use the same dimensions as motion video.2

Pixel Clock :

Horiz. Pixel Distortion Ratio1.093NA3


Maximum Video bitrate4 1151929 bits/sec1183200 bits/sec
Maximum MPEG1 bitrate5
(multiplexed audio/video)
1411200 bits/sec

VBV Buffer Size:

Video stream2 40960 bytes
Still Picture stream2 47104 bytes

PCB Channel :

Must be in Channel 1Normally in Channel 0.

Streams :

Number of Streams allowed One.Up to 16.One.
Stream Number Must be in Stream 0.Typically in Stream 0.Must be in Stream 0.
 VCD 1.1VCD2.0CD-iMediaMogul
ALL 16 bit, 44.1K sampling rate
Joint Stereo/Stereo/Dual Channel224kbit/secONLY these bitrates:
128, 192, 224,
or 384kbit/sec6
32-448kbits/sec/PCB Chan.
Most commonly 192kbit/sec/
PCB Chan.
Mono:No. ONLY these bitrates: 64 or 96 or 192kbit/sec632 to 448kbits/sec7

Streams :

Number of Streams allowed:One1-321-16
Stream Number Stream 0 . Streams 0 to 31, starting with Stream 0.Streams 0 to 15, starting with Stream 0.

1Dimensions up to 384 x 288 are supported, though not at full frame rate , but may not display properly on normal TV equipment. CD-i allows for dimensions below 352 x (240 or288), as long as both x and y are multiples of 16. Smaller images are automatically centered on the screen by the decoder card.

2MediaMogul does not support MPEG stills. However, any I-frame of a motion stream may be displayed as a still image. The maximum size of any one still picture(or frame) is the same as the VBV buffer size.

3 VCD MPEG1 fills the screen, but dimensions are distorted slightly. CD-i MPEG1 is not distorted, but doesn't fill the screen fully--at 352 pixels horizontally, there will be black vertical bands on both sides.

4Maximum video rate based on these assumptions:

5Maximum mux rate based on CD play. Depending on the decoder, playing MPEG1 from a hard drive might work up to 5.6448Mbit/sec.

6For VCDAV (Trackable MPEG), only224kbit sec is allowed. VCDAV also has these requirements:
71kbit=1000 bits

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